Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doing Dishes

Doing dishes used to be a chore I abhorred. I am tired by the end of the day. Making dinner is enough of a hassle, and then I have to do the dishes AFTER dinner? I know that in some households, the person who makes dinner is excused from washing the dishes. Sounds fair. I, however, usually make dinner AND do the dishes. Don't think poorly of the hubby, though. He is willing and would do them if I asked--he even offers sometimes. But, I usually prefer to do them myself. At first, my reason for this was because I am quicker, more efficient, and use less soap :) Since becoming a mom, though, my reasons for wanting to do the dishes have changed. First of all, if I am doing the dishes, Mike takes care of Connor, giving me a much needed break from him. I love my son, but by dinner time, I am usually ready to let Daddy take over. Lately, I have realized that doing dishes helps me unwind, and gives me a little "me" time. Even more recently, I have found yet ANOTHER reason to like doing the dishes....listening to the two loves of my life playing together. I usually have dinner ready and waiting when Mike gets home from work, which means that after dinner is prime father-son play time. While I stand in the kitchen unwinding, I can choose to tune into the sounds of this play time happening downstairs. I am so proud of the father that my husband has become, and listening to him and Connor scream and laugh together brings joy to my heart. So, doing dishes has morphed from an abhorred chore into a time of reflection for me. I am blessed. Now, if only cleaning the bathroom had the same effect....

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