Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bryce is Two!

     This post is a couple weeks late, but we officially have a two-year-old in the house again. Bryce has done so much growing up this summer!

     His communication skills are coming along nicely. He still doesn't say much ("buh-bye", "hi", and "yeah" are his words so far...and maybe mama and daddy, but not fully in context yet), but his understanding of language has grown immensely this summer. The best word I have for it, is that he is just a lot sharper these days. He will immediately follow commands or mimic his brother, rather than having the obvious delay we used to see. He also shakes his head "no", but usually to tease us rather than to be obstinate :)

     As with most babies, he tends to focus on one skill at a time, so as his personality and communication has grown, his large motor development has slowed down. I was really hoping he'd be walking by his second birthday, but rather than getting down about the fact that he isn't, I remind myself of how far he has come. Last year at this time, he could (would) not even sit unassisted. He now sits, rolls, crawls, stands, climbs, dances, bounces on the trampoline, climbs up and down stairs, can get on the first step of a ladder, and walks while holding our hands.  I'd say that's enough progress for one year! He is starting to show more frustration with his inability to stand up in the middle of the room and walk, so I'm hoping it won't be much longer.

      Bryce is hilarious. He knows darn well when he's being a stinker, and laughs hysterically when we chase after him. He loves making faces in the mirror and entertaining his brother. He has started laughing at things that he thinks is funny, rather than just laughing along with us. He is starting to be a little more leery of strangers, and while he is polite (doesn't throw a fit, etc.), I can always tell when he's uncomfortable because he freezes and looks at the ground. If you see him doing this, it is only a matter of time before he will burst into tears.He is so sweet, and loves giving hugs. My heart literally feels like it's swelling every time I get a Brycey hug.

      The child is SUPER SUPER stubborn. If it's not his idea, it's a bad idea. We see the stubbornness the most with walking (behind a push-toy) and drinking out of anything other than a bottle. While it can be very frustrating, I'm just so happy he has an opinion of his own and knows how to express it. It's difficult not to laugh at his stubbornness and I need to remind myself constantly that I shouldn't let him get away with things I wouldn't have let Connor get away with. But, have you seen this face?!?!

    Bryce at TWO:

   Favorite activities: lining up and driving his cars, tackling his brother, wrestling with daddy, climbing on
   furniture, and dancing!

   Favorite foods: fruit, tacos, yogurt, ice cream, crackers

   Favorite drink: Vanilla almond milk. And only vanilla almond milk. Drinking is not his strong point.

   My favorite things about him: His sense of humor, determination, and snuggles

   Favorite person: Connor

   His idol: Connor

   His nemesis: Connor

  We love you, Bryce, and can't wait to see what you accomplish in your third year on this earth!!