Friday, October 3, 2014


Hi Friends,

    I have been absent for so much going on, and nothing profound to write about. We've all been busy adjusting to our new schedule, and everyone has adjusted very well.

    I absolutely love being back in the classroom. I feel more fulfilled again, and can enjoy my boys more when I am not with them all day long. My new school is wonderful, and I couldn't ask for better, more respectful students. Although I am usually pretty exhausted at the end of the day, at least I am not at the end of my rope when Mike gets home every evening. I just need to get used to getting up and going early in the morning again!

   I was a little worried about Bryce "punishing" me after daycare each day, like he did last spring. He hasn't done that at all. He has adjusted beautifully, and while he is a little more clingy lately, it's in a good, snuggly way. He has recently discovered a love of looking at books (yay!), and will sit on my lap and look at books for long periods of time every afternoon. I love it. He is starting to identify things in books and loves to "count" and point to letters too. His comprehension has grown so much, and I am just so proud of him! He is just the sweetest.

  We are still working on walking, and he will soon be getting fitted for some little ankle braces that will hopefully help him to feel a little more steady on his feet, while also correcting the way he stands on his feet, and encouraging him to bend his legs a little more. Although I've completely gotten over the comparing-him-to-other-kids, embarrassed-that-he-is-behind thing, I am anxious for him to walk because it will make MY life a lot easier! Carrying a two-year around all the time is getting old.

   Connor is a rock star student and loves going to school all day. The first couple weeks were a little bit like a roller coaster....he still hadn't really made any connections with other kids and was feeling a little sensitive. He has now made lots of friends, and I am noticing that he has gone back to being the popular leader he was last year in school. He is so smart, funny, and upbeat, and I think even other kids recognize that in him.

   Connor's reading has become fairly fluent, and he can zip through most level one and level two readers without any help at all. He self-corrects, reads with expression, and fully comprehends what he is reading. He amazes me every day. I got a report from his teacher about him teaching the class a new word--"gargantuan--it is another word for giant!") While I realize that Mike and I can take a little bit of credit for exposing him to books and resources, he gets most of the credit for learning to read. He has just always been so enthusiastic about learning, he just sort of picked up on the reading thing. I'm just the proudest mom--and seriously, could an English teacher-mother ask for anything more out of her child?!?

    Mike has been doing a great job getting the boys out of the house in the morning, and has been taking care of appointments and things on his own--since his job is more flexible than mine. I am so blessed to have such a supportive and capable man for a husband and father of my children.

    The transition has gone very smoothly, and we're all doing well. Enjoy the (chilly) weekend ahead! I'm looking forward to hanging out with some college friends in good old St. Joe for homecoming weekend!