Tuesday, August 28, 2012


In those first painful 36 hours after Bryce was born and diagnosed with Downs, his eyes brought me a lot of pain. It is usually such a rare treat when your newborn has his eyes open, but with Bryce it was different.  If his eyes were closed, and I didn't look too carefully at his neck fold or short arms, I could try and forget the painful truth. But his eyes were a dead giveaway....he had Down syndrome.

Now that the pain has lessened, his eyes are one of my favorite things about him. Now, his two or three hours of wakefulness is my favorite part of the day. The irises of his eyes are so big, they almost look like puppy dog eyes--very little white around the edges. They are never still--he is always looking around, curious about this new world. There is something about those tell-tale, slanted eyes that just look happy. When I look at his eyes, he seems older than 4 weeks. They look like he could break out into a smile at any minute.

I know that those eyes will continue to be a dead giveaway. When people see him, they will know. I worry about that. I don't want people judging him, staring at him, teasing him. But, when I look at them, I see that they are bright and beautiful. I see that they aren't so different from the rest of the family--Mike and I both have almond shaped eyes too. They are beautiful--just look at them!

 I already wonder what is going on behind them, and hope with all my heart that he will have the ability to tell me someday.


  1. Julie- this is so beautifully written and Bryce is one absolutely BEAUTIFUL little boy. I just want to snuggle him up!

    I am thinking of you and your family and sending hugs and prayers your way. Even if he may not be able to tell you what he's thinking you'll be able to see in his eyes that he feels your love.

  2. Preview

    Anonymous said...Julie, Mike, Bryce and Connor- Its Arlanda from the Nursery...Rose and I just read your blog about Bryce. Thank you so much for sending us the link where we can see how he's doing. We are glad he is home but we miss him too:) We are sending thoughts and prayers to your family. It was our honor and priviledge to care for Bryce. Continue to post update and pictures as we will always check back. Hope everyone is doing well!!

    PS..We are only a mile away!! Hahahaha!!

  3. He is absolutely beautiful, and God did an amazing job picking you as his Mamma.

  4. He's so adorable isn't he? As I was scrolling down, I was fascinated in your blog. So cute.

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