Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's a BOY.....

Well, yesterday was the big day. We had a doctor's appointment at 9:30 in the morning, starting with the detailed anatomy ultrasound, followed by a consult with the perinatologist (high risk o.b.). We were hoping to find out the gender of the baby AND the final word on our blood test results.

Everything on the ultrasound looked great. The baby was very active (I'm afraid we're going to have a spaz this time. Connor has always been so quiet and calm, even in utero...) but he eventually allowed the tech to get all the measurements she needed. He is also measuring a week ahead--maybe I'll get a chubby baby this time?!? We had the ultrasound tech seal the gender up in an envelope for us to open in private later. We did the same thing with Connor, and it's a nice moment to share with just the two of us, rather than with the tech in the room.

After our 12 week ultrasound, Mike and I were both pretty sure it was a boy because it looked so much like Connor's ultrasound. After watching the baby for another 40 minutes yesterday, though, we weren't so sure. It no longer looked that much like Connor. We thought maybe we'd get a girl that looks like Mama this time, since we already have a mini-Mike. When we went out to dinner to open the envelope, we found out that our initial instincts were correct. We're having another sweet little boy.

To say we weren't a little disappointed would be a lie. Obviously, a healthy baby is what's most important, and we had gotten great news on that front at our appointment earlier, but we did both kind of want a girl this time. I think it's just the fact that we don't know if we'll be blessed with another baby after this, and it would be great to have one of each. I LOVE having a little boy. Connor is the light of my life. He's a total mama's boy, and I love it. But I wanted to know what it was like to have a daughter, too. I don't necessarily care about clothes and bows and all of that, but I just want that mother-daughter bond. Hopefully someday I'll get to experience that. In the meantime, I am going to push away the cloud of disappointment that has lingered since opening that envelope last night, and start bonding with this baby as a boy. I feel like a horrible person for admitting those feelings, but I am kind of a brutally honest person. I think acknowledging those feelings of disappointment is healthy for me, rather than just pasting a fake smile on my face.

If I stop being selfish and really think about it, having a boy is going to be great. Connor will have a brother to grow up with. The six huge Rubbermaid tubs full of boy clothes will get some more use. We don't have to paint the nursery. I will get another little boy that reminds me of my husband and all the things I love about him. It's not such a bad thing.

Now, onto the other aspect of our appointment yesterday--the results of my HLA antibody blood tests. As of right now, it's looking like we have nothing to worry about! Yay! It is all so complicated, but basically, when they tested the blood serum for this antibody, it was slightly positive. But, when they heated the blood to body temperature, they could no longer find any active antibodies. Since the blood is obviously body temperature in my body, the hope is that there are no active antibodies attacking the baby. They did take one more sample of my blood and Mike's blood yesterday. They are going to put our blood samples together and see if there is a reaction (there was only a slight one after Connor was born). If everything turns out okay with that test, the doctor said "We are done worrying about the platelet thing". This would be great news, not only for the health of the baby, but also because I could stop driving all the way up to Methodist Hospital for every appointment, and go to my regular OB in Shakopee again.

I am going to start going in for weekly Progesterone shots staring next week. Progesterone is a natural pregnancy hormone that will hopefully keep my cervix strong, and will prevent me from going into preterm labor this time. In fact, it reduces my risk of going early to 10%. Not bad.

Overall, very good news yesterday. It looks like we'll have a big, healthy baby boy. I pray all continues to go this well. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!



  1. That's awesome Julie, don't feel bad for admitting that...I think everyone does at some point or another. We did not know what we were having with Holly but I wanted a girl and Steve wanted a boy (naturally). A couple hours after she was born I know Steve kinda 'mourned' for a little bit but got over it quick;)

    It will be fun for Connor to have a brother...I always wanted a sister so I envied people who had a same sex sibling.

    1. Thanks, Kelly. That's why I wanted to find out the gender I can get my "mourning" out the way before the baby is actually here. I know it will be great to have two little boys.

  2. Julie, I tried it both ways. I really wanted another boy. I thought waiting to find out would mean when the baby came the disappointment wouldn't be an issue, but that isn't quite how it worked. The next time we found out early to get it over with. Both times I was bummed at least a little to not have another boy. I love my girls, but there's something about my boy that I always wanted another (so I ENVY YOU)!! God knows best, I suppose, right? I'm still not sure how I'm going to handle the drama of two girls... I'm so happy to hear that everything is going well for you so far and that you can worry less. Keep taking good care of yourself!

  3. You don't know me, a friend shared your blog with me, but just wanted to share I'm 37 weeks pregnant with boy #2. I wanted a little girl so bad and cried all day long when I found out our second was another boy.. Of course I wanted baby to be healthy and felt tremendous guilt for my sadness over the gender of my baby. But little guy is due any day now and I can't imagine NOT having a boy. I'm SO excited and all sadness is gone. Honest, it took a little while to be REALLY excited about another boy.. seeing baby girl clothes, having friends find out their having a girl, etc stung a little bit for a while. Now, I'm so excited and thrilled my 3 year old will have a little brother. Don't feel guily! Its normal--someone told me: "you weren't mourning your baby or it's gender--you were mourning your dream and hopes of wanting a daughter one day" I thought that was a great way to put it. Best of luck!