Sunday, September 29, 2013

Six Years

    Yesterday, Mike and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. As I reflected on what a good man he is, I started thinking about how thankful I am to have met him. That led me to thinking about fate, God's plan, luck, etc.

     On March 31st, 2005, my friend Jess and I went out to Axel's Bonfire in Savage like we often did on weekend nights. They had great dueling pianos, and it was a fun bar not too far from home. That night, Mike also happened to be there. He wasn't much into going to bars, and certainly didn't go out in Savage very often. His friend was moving, and they were having a good-bye party. It took a lot of stolen glances across the room and quite few beers before we got the nerve to talk to each other. He told me he was going to take me out....I told him he could, but that I probably wouldn't talk and it would be awkward (I wasn't trying to talk him out of it, I just found dating very awkward and wanted to give him fair warning).

       A week or two went by, and he hadn't called. I had given my number to plenty of guys at bars and rarely expected them to actually call. But I had a feeling about this one. I was pretty surprised and let down when he didn't call. BUT, apparently he didn't stop thinking about me either; he eventually worked up the nerve and we went out. I was shy and awkward on our first date, but he stuck it out. Two and a half years later, we were married, and the rest is history. (I'm sure there are plenty of times now that he misses that QUIET girl he took on a first date!)

    Every once in a while, as I did yesterday, I think, what if I hadn't gone out that night? What if Mike and his friends had decided to go to the Bonfire in Eagan instead, like they usually did? Would God have put him in my life in a different way? Would I still be single and waiting for the one? Maybe I would have married someone else. Maybe he would have. I might even have kids...but they wouldn't be OUR kids. I like to think God made Mike for me and that our kids are meant to be, but I just don't know. All I know is that I'm thankful it worked out the way it did. I am so blessed to have a man who puts me first, is a wonderful father, provides for his family, and never makes me question his feelings for me.

   We had such a beautiful day for our wedding. Thank you, Mikey, for sticking with me. It's been a roller coaster of a six years, and I look forward to the rest of the ride. Love you bunches!



Thursday, September 5, 2013


     Today was Connor's first day of preschool. He was so excited! I mean REALLY excited....not the least bit nervous.

      On Tuesday, there was an open house/practice run in which we got to participate. Connor got to find his locker and cubby, and the teachers prepared a scavenger hunt for the kids to find all the important things in the classroom. Connor looked a little bit like a deer in headlights, but there were lots of new people and surroundings, so I wasn't surprised.

      At one point the teacher asked all the kids to sit on a blanket so she could say a few things.She ended up talking to the parents for quite some time, and by the end of it, Connor was one of only two kids left on the blanket. At one point, a little girl was whispering things to him. I was too far away to know what the conversation was about. When I asked him later, he said, "She kept talking and I was saying shhhhhhh...." I think we may have a little goody two-shoes on our hands :)

      Because I got to participate in the open house on Tuesday, I decided it would be best to make today as normal as possible, so Mike dropped Connor off at preschool while I stayed home with Bryce (this is how it will normally happen). It was harder on Daddy than it was on Connor :)

    Bryce's EI teacher was here most of the time Connor was gone, so I was distracted from worrying about how he was doing. Before I knew it, it was time to pick him up. When I got there he was still in good spirits. I want to know what he did EVERY second he was there, but of course I've only gotten vague details. Whatever happened, there were no tears and he's home in one piece. Such an exciting time! I think we're all going to like it.