Friday, April 27, 2012

Halfway there...

How far along? 20 weeks
Maternity clothes? Definitely
Stretch marks? No. I didn't get any with Connor, so I'm hoping I'll be just as lucky this time around!
Sleep: I've been sleeping like a rock. I am noticing that I'm dreaming (or remembering them) more lately.
Miss Anything? Being able to comfortably hold/snuggle with Connor. He is such a cuddle bug and likes to be on my lap all the time, but it's already getting harder for both of us to get comfortable.
Movement: Yes, throughout the day, but still not consistent enough to worry if I don't feel him for a while.
Food cravings: None, but more salty snacks rather than sweets
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Hopefully none. Still having that tightening feeling a few times a day, but the more I read about "early contractions" the more I think it's normal. I also think I need to drink more to make sure I'm staying hydrated.
Symptoms: I'm afraid that my progesterone shots are making me revert back to some morning sickness. I have been feeling kind of icky again, and it started when I started those blasted shots!
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: We have graduated out of perinatology! I realized that I hadn't updated since we got the results of our last blood tests. They took a sample of my blood as well as Mike's blood to see if there would be a reaction. There wasn't! Assuming everything continues to go well, I can resume seeing my regular OB for the duration of the pregnancy. There is a note in my chart to not use a vacuum/forceps to aid in delivery (just in case there is a bleeding risk for the baby), but they don't think it's going to be an issue. This is reassuring but also a little scary at the same time. I just have this fear that the platelet issue will return late in the pregnancy and we won't know because they won't be checking for it anymore. My goal with this pregnancy, as it was with the first one, is to not worry too much. I have faith that everything will work out.

I CANNOT believe it is the end of April already. As a teacher, I "run" on a different calendar (Sept-Aug, not Jan-Dec) so my year is ending in 6 weeks. Somehow in that 6 weeks, though, we only have 25 more days of school. It's hard to believe and time is going to fly. This baby will be here before I know it!

Take care,
xoxo, Julie

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