Saturday, March 22, 2014

This Kind of Love....

      When I saw that the International Down Syndrome Coalition (IDSC) was asking for pictures of people with Down syndrome and their loved ones, I knew I had to submit a picture of Bryce with the person he loves most....his brother! The campaign is called "This Kind of Love", so they also asked that we complete the phrase, "this kind of love......"

      As you can see, I chose to complete the phrase with the word "enviable". When we got Bryce's diagnosis just after his birth, two thoughts went through my head (in this order): Life as we planned it is over, and what will this mean for Connor?

     I quickly realized I was envious of Connor. He would look at the baby and just see his brother, not the neck roll, almond eyes, and short limbs that I saw in those difficult first days.

     At this point, Connor has certainly heard the words "Down syndrome". He knows that Bryce has teachers and therapists that come to our house. I have tried to start to explain that Bryce has it, which means he needs a little more time and practice to learn new things. Connor doesn't want to hear about it. He just wants to play with his brother!

     Bryce looks at his big brother, and his eyes light up. Connor can do no wrong as far as Bryce is concerned. Bryce can do LOTS of stuff wrong as far as Connor is concerned, but he loves him anyway. It is so fun to watch their relationship grow as Bryce becomes more and more capable of interaction. The love and pride and resentment Connor feels for his little brother is so pure and normal.

     Someday, Connor will feel resentment for Bryce because of his Down syndrome. He will feel protective of Bryce because of his Down syndrome. He will be extra proud of Bryce's accomplishments because of his Down syndrome. Someday he will come home crying because someone made fun of him because of Bryce's Down syndrome. But right now, when Connor looks at Bryce, he just sees his little brother. Wouldn't it be a beautiful world if we all saw people through a child's eyes? That kind of love is enviable.

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