Sunday, July 7, 2013

Family Time

Hi Friends,

   It's been a while! Happy Summer!

   Between Mike and I working opposite shifts and his work travels, our time as a whole family is very limited. It's hard for me to be home alone with the boys all day and then go to work, and it's hard for Mike to have to jump right in to dinner and bedtime by himself after a long day at work. I keep telling myself that it won't be forever, and our boys are so blessed to always be with one of their parents or grandparents. Despite all that, the truth is, we are all happiest when the four of us can all be together.

    Last weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to Madison, WI to work at The Color Run, which my sister-in-law directed. It was really fun, and a nice little getaway. Upon my return, I worked every evening from Sunday-Wednesday. Knowing that Mike would be leaving again for a week of work travel, we decided we needed a little family time so we took a quick trip up to Duluth on Thursday and Friday. I love Duluth in the summer time, and the time together was just what the doctor ordered.

    We picnicked by Lake Superior, walked out to the lighthouse, put our toes in the lake, checked out the train museum, swam in the hotel pool (oh my, does Bryce LOVE water!), went out for pizza, slept well in the hotel, went back to the lake, went to the Great Lake Aquarium, and saw a big ship come through before grabbing lunch and heading home.

        Usually when Mike and I get the opportunity to travel, we don't take the kids along. Other than Wisconsin and Nebraska to visit my siblings, Connor has never really gotten to go anywhere. It was so fun watching him experience new things, and he said multiple times how nice it was to be together as a family. What a blessing this little getaway was!

   I hope everyone else had a wonderful 4th of July and is enjoying the beautiful summer weather! Take care.

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  1. Julie - you just have the cutest little family!!! Your boys are so adorable!